With more than 20 years of experience, we are a construction company with a priority task: to fulfill strictly the obligations given to our customers.

Throughout all these years, we were approached by official bodies, city councils, investors, architects, decorators, businessmen and private clients, entrusting us with their projects, their homes, their business, office and commercial premises. We gladly applied all our professionalism, making their dreams come true.

Project management and control

Sensitive control over the work performed on the project is our primary task. After all, not only the final result depends on this, but also the further operation of the object. Our group of experienced architects, engineers and decorators at the beginning of a study of the building to determine its condition and is the future work plan. A team is formed, constantly in contact with the client and closely monitoring the compliance of all its requirements. Monitoring is carried out to meet the deadlines and costs of the project. We store and provide a full report on all processes.


Another of our important tasks is the preservation of ecology and the environment. At all stages of work, we act in accordance with the requirements regulated by state bodies. Any workflow at RAIMOLCONS complies with the strictest environmental regulations.

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RAIMOLCONS Construction is a comprehensive construction company that develops optimal and practical solutions for each individual order. Thanks to our team of designers and technicians, we will create the best offer for you at a reasonable price.

If you need a team to perform any type of construction and repair work, you will find it in RAIMOLCONS. Our design department will develop an interior plan in accordance with your wishes, and the technical team will propose the best project plan.

We serve projects of all kinds, both full and partial: houses, premises, warehouses, apartments… Both in Barcelona and in its entire province. For you, we will calculate and explain all the technical features of the possible solutions, what will be the differences in quality and cost, in the end you choose the most optimal set of works.

Consult with us and we will calculate your individual solution to ensure that at the end of the work you will be proud of the result achieved.

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Due to weather conditions and continuous exploitation, buildings deteriorate and deteriorate. In cases of such damage, immediate actions are required for the rehabilitation and fine adjustment of structural parts of buildings, as well as load-bearing walls and decorative details.

It is very important that all specialists who will perform work at the facility thoroughly study the condition of the building and clearly see the plan of action. The first study is carried out by our technical team consisting of the following specialists: an architect, engineer, surveyor and decorators, who will help us to know the exact situation about the state of the building before the start of work. This will ensure accuracy in calculating the budget and deadlines.

The first study is a prelude to the implementation of all subsequent activities both in the outer parts of the building and in the interior. The external building is necessarily facade work, such as repair and restoration (painting, plastering, finishing and replacement of slabs, lighting, etc.), finishing and painting works, landscaping and interior patio. We carry out facade work for small single-family houses, and for large multi-store buildings.

All actions performed on the roofs are fundamental to the construction of any type of building. We carry out high quality installation and repair of all types of soft and hard roofs, and we will also guide the customer for the most optimal choice. Both versions of the roof provide all guarantees waterproofing and insulation.

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At RAIMOLCONS, we are experts both in project development and in the implementation of any work at industrial sites, in office or commercial premises. Our extensive experience in this field and having our own technical team with highly qualified specialists allows us to carry out projects of any complexity with the highest possible results.

Our company provides comprehensive services for the construction or reconstruction of your industrial facilities. It can be commercial and industrial buildings: factories, office or industrial buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, warehouses, entertainment centers and other commercial or commercial buildings.

At RAIMOLCONS, we are confident that the use of innovative advanced technologies today is an effective tool for building a streamlined process in all types of enterprises, helping to save energy and reduce costs. That is why we include them in all our industrial projects.

We organize our projects according to the following template in order to guarantee the highest quality of service:

• Design project development   • Support in the preparation of documents   • Implementation of construction, restoration and repair work   • Compliance with established quality standards   • Transfer to the client of a ready-to-use facility

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Other services

Demolition of buildings and partial dismantling

Partial dismantling of buildings and demolition are works that require a high degree of specialization, which we have in RAIMOLCONS. In addition, we have a fleet of our own equipment and highly qualified personnel for carrying out all types of demolition and dismantling, be it manual or mechanical.

We offer demolition services for any type of houses, industrial buildings, sidewalks, etc. This can be both partial and general demolition of the object.

When we have to perform this type of work, we estimate the quantity and type of materials that need to be removed, manage the entire dismantling or demolition process, then dispose of all waste and transport it to sewage treatment plants corresponding to each type of waste. We have trucks ready to transport all kinds of materials as a result of demolition.

Demolition often has a very high cost in terms of predicting a company’s risks and human resources, and is considered a high-risk workflow. For this reason, strict adherence to the rules is very important, in any case not to reduce the number of workers to reduce the budget, and the entire workflow must comply with the established protocols and standards that prioritize the safety of machinists.

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Forging and welding work is a very special type of work, without which any large-scale project can´t exist. To ensure the required level of quality, we control and conduct assessment on the compliance of all the constituent elements of these processes, starting from the design stage, the choice of materials and finishing with the production stage with subsequent product quality control, including welding process, documentation and personnel.

Our blacksmith department with a team of qualified personnel implements both basic projects large-scale and exclusive, covering all areas and needs (commercial, industrial and private buildings, finishing of external and internal interiors, etc.)

We produce all types of metal structures: roofing, fencing, rails, stairs, doors, gates, etc. The materials used are cast iron, stainless steel and more.

Tell us what do you looking for and we will develop a work plan for you.

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We know from our experience that utilities in a building are not only comfort, but also an investment in the future. That is why their quality must be flawless, then all systems will function smoothly for decades. In our staff of highly qualified specialists there are masters in all directions: on installation and adjustment electricians, bathroom fixtures, central airs, and not only. We carefully study each situation to find optimal solutions and achieve the desired result for the client.

Air conditioning and ventilation systems, electrical, plumbing, underfloor heating, lighting and much more. We will perform work of any complexity and on any objects: from the project from scratch to after-sales service, from construction to the installation of high-precision systems – we will provide a full cycle of works to surround you with comfort, coziness and safety.

Use the services of our specialists – and you will get high-quality, streamlined and structured work, the result of which will delight you for many years.

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